Mistress Antonella
The Boss becomes the slave of his secretary Mistress Antonella
The Boss becomes the slave of his secretary Mistress Antonella

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The boss enters in the office, nude in front of his secretary. The secretary has a special power over the boss, she is Mistress Antonella. Wearing a black latex skirt, black latex top, blue lady suit jacket and flesh-coloured stiletto high heels, Mistress Antonella is so superior and dominant. Immediately, she decides to show to her boss where is his real place. She put on him a leash and a collar linked by small chains equipped with clamps on nipples. Then, she put on him 2 clamps on his balls to prove who is the new boss...Mistress Antonella is The Boss. After that, she orders him to folded along faces her desk and she ties his hands on the desk. she begins to whip him, he must count and thank his mistress. But for each error, it must start again and count from "one". and he is going to make a lot of errors, at least 6 errors...he is restarting many time from "one" for the sadistic pleasure of Mistress Antonella, we can see, on her goddess face, how much enjoy is Mistress Antonella and she changes models of whip many time to increase the suffering of her boss slave. At the end, she orders him to be at her feet in doggy position to show to every body where here his place of slave and who is the real Boss, Mistress Antonella.