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Caviar and Champagne party for Mistress Antonella
Caviar and Champagne party for Mistress Antonella

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Mistress Antonella is amazing and gorgeous, wearing a red latex trousers and top with black stiletto shoes. Her slave is kneeling at the feet of Mistress Antonella. Then, She orders to show his ass to the camera and She use his back to rest her legs. Mistress Antonella put her wonderful red & black latex gloves with laces. Afterwards, She gives to him to sniff her farts, She orders him to lie down on the floor, She steps over him and She open the zip of her trousers in order to shit directly in the mouth of her slave, She gives to him a big snake of Caviar. Then, She fulfills a big glass of Champagne with her pee of Goddess and She orders her slave to drink all the Champagne for an amazing view and a wonderful reward.