Mistress Antonella
Pee and Caviar for Sissy Julia by Mistress Antonella
Pee and Caviar for Sissy Julia by Mistress Antonella

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Sissy Julia is kneeling down, waiting for her Mistress. Mistress Antonella arrives from outside, she is so elegant in her fur coat and black stiletto shoes. Her slave has a gift to her Mistress. But the gift is a small bottle of parfum, so, she decides to punish her sissy. She is gorgeous, wearing an amazing black PVC dress with open space on breast through by small metallic chains. Then, Mistress Antonella whips the ass of her sissy with her black hard whip. After this punishment, She rewards her sissy Julia by spitting in a funnel in the mouth of her sissy Julia. Then, Mistress Antonella put a silver tray on the chest of her sissy Julia and she shits on it in order to have a nice Caviar meal to her sissy. Afterwards, Mistress Antonella has a pee in her Champagne's glass, amazing view to see Mistress Antonella fulfils her glass of her own Champagne. Then, She spit in the glass and She gives all her Champagne to dring to her sissy through the funnel in the mouth of her sissy.