Mistress Antonella
Mistress Antonella trains her Sissy Emilly and cum eating instruction
Mistress Antonella trains her Sissy Emilly and cum eating instruction

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Mistress Antonella is gorgeous, she wears a black suit with open space on her fantastic breasts, and red thigh boots. Her sissy Emily is kneeling, dressed in a red skirt, black top, black stockings and a black latex mask. In the position of sissy whore Emily is trained and humiliated by her mistress Antonella, who keeps her tied up and plays with tease and denial. After that, Mistress Antonella orders her whore to suck her black dildo. Her sissy whore makes an amazing blow job, Mistress Antonella spits on the dildo during the blow job. The mistress sits over the whore and offers the bitch to drink all the urine of the Supreme Goddess. Then the mistress Antonella prepares the ass of her slut, and orders her bitch to insert her bottle. The whore inserts her bottle more and more. And when her sissy removes the bottle from her ass, it's a big geyser of Champagne who comes from her ass of slut. After that, the mistress Antonella orders Emily Sissy to masturbate herself and to come in a bowl. She brings a teaspoon because she will follow the cum eating instruction. The mistress ordered her bitch to eat all the sperm. Goddess Antonella shows her sexy ass in her latex suit and pulls noisy farts. After that, the Mistress Antonella prepares a hearty meal followed by a tray full of delicious caviar. At the end, the Supreme Goddess Antonella shows at the whore Emilly the delicious meal she will serve it because she is a good bitch.