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Mistress Antonella trains her sissy bitch Vanessa Part1
Mistress Antonella trains her sissy bitch Vanessa  Part1

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Sissy bitch Vanessa, wearing a black fishnet body-stocking, dances for her Mistress, like the good bitch she is. Mistress Antonella is so elegant, sexy and dominant, wearing a black leather skirt, a superb black bra adorned with studsh , a black leather jacket, a fishnet stockings and black stiletto shoes. She put nipple clamps on the nipple of her sissy bitch and bondage of her dick & balls. For her pleasure, Mistress Antonella adds a clothes pin on the balls of her sissy and She adds also, few nipple clamps, She rewards her sissy by spiting in the mouth of her bitch. Then, Mistress Antonella orders her sissy to stay in doggy position on the bed, She ties the hands of her slut and She plays with the ass of her bitch, She introduces a working vibrator dildo in his ass. After that, Mistress Antonella starts to whips her slut more and more, harder and harder for an amazing caning, 1000 strokes of cane with small breaks for spiting her Goddess's saliva in the mouth of her slut.