Mistress Antonella
Mistress Antonella trains her sissy bitch Emily Part 1
Mistress Antonella trains her sissy bitch Emily Part 1

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Mistress Antonella is gorgeous with her black pvc short skirt, black top, black stockings and black stiletto high heels. Her sissy is sexy with a black bodysuit, black hold up stocking, a Marylin Monroe mask. Mistress Antonella begins her training by ordering her sissy to put a metallic anal plug. Then, She starts to hit her sissy with a student's ruler, She hits the hands, her soles of foot, her dick, her ass. Afterwards, Mistress Antonella orders her sissy to give her a massage. Next, She offers to her bitch a lollipop and She orders to suck it with sensuality. And after this saliva lubrication, to sodomize herself with the lollipop for an amazing view, and to suck it again. Then, Mistress Antonella wear a strap-on with a huge black dildo and She orders her slut to give a blow job before to fuck her sissy more and more