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Mistress Antonella trains and humiliates her sissy Emily
Mistress Antonella trains and humiliates her sissy Emily

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Mistress Antonella trains her sissy Emily. Mistress Antonella is so dominant, wearing a black pvc bodysuit, fishnet stockings and amazing transparent stiletto high heels. She gives ballbusting to her sissy who has his dick in a metallic chastity belt, She open the pussy of her sissy with a speculum. Then, Mistress Antonella gives a bottle of Champagne to her sissy bitch, her sissy put the neck of the bottle in her ass of bitch with a geyser when he removes it. Afterwards, She put again the speculum in her ass of sissy and Mistress Antonella has a pee directly in the ass of her bitch and in her mouth. For the final, Mistress Antonella orders her sissy to jerk off, She counts until 15 and her bitch comes in a bowl and he swallow all her own sperm of bitch.