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Goddess Antonella has a new spy mission Part 1
Goddess Antonella has a new spy mission Part 1

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He is a professional and heartless assassin, he just got a new target to study on the phone and will do it while doing a big delicacy, Mistress Antonella goes straight into the bathroom, wearing a short dress and a sexy blue top. the phone and concentrates, lets go of the toilet and starts saying "ahh let's just sit here for a moment .it make delicacy" starts making noisy farts. It feels so good when the delicacy comes out. She stay seated here and push harder as she study target, muttering small comments such as "interesting to know" and "it should be so damn easy," planning the next plan. while he has a small bad smile while also pushing more. She stays seated until she finishes studying and wipes her ass and leaves. The hit was a success, but it needed hours of being undercover, waiting for the good moment to hit. Mistress is coming in the bathroom. In a hurrry, wearing a sexy tight short pink latex dress. Also having a magazine with me. She puts down the dress quickly as it’s poking out a bit, so relieved to be here finally “ohh finally I’m sitting on the toilet, now here we go” she said sternly, She start reading the magazine not waste no time as it’s quickly coming out... rolling the eyes in relief . The relief is just so amazing, reading and pushing more, stinking up the place litterally, “phew” exclaim a bit in disgust of the smell, wondering how a beautiful lady can create that smell. She stayed seated a few more minutes, reading and pushing, she loves this job so much and has no remorse to do this, even taking a big pleasure to do this job. She has another mission to do, has some plan to do but first needs to take a break, she headed to the bathroom, wearing a tight skirt and a purple top. She makes herself comfy, needs to listen a secret phone conversation between two next targets, she needs to know where they hidden the money they stolen from the boss, all while destroying the toilet with her pretty ass, so delightful. After a few minutes she has the info that she needs about a meeting and has a evil smile “I got what I needed to know”. She stayed seated a few more moments until she's done so she can leave to intercept them.