Mistress Antonella
Birthday party of Mistress Antonella with Champagne and Caviar
Birthday party of Mistress Antonella with Champagne and Caviar

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Mistress Antonella is gorgeous, wearing a black weet look dress, black shoes, an huge black dildo strap-on and and She has wonderful red horns of maleficent witch. She robs her huge dildo, seating on her throne. Her slave brings a gift for her birthday, it's a amazing red leather thigh boots. Then, She rewards her slave putting nipple clamps on his nipples and giving him the permission to sniff, to kiss and to lick her thigh boots. Afterwards, Mistress Antonella tie his balls with a string and put a caoutchouc heavy device on his balls. She orders him to stay in doggy position to can rest her goddess's legs on his back of slave. After that, her slave bring the birthday cake to her Mistress and Mistress Antonella blows out her birthday candles. Then, Mistress Antonella has a pee directly from her body of Goddess, in her glass of Champagne. It's a fantastic view of filling glass of Champagne. And She orders her slave to drink all the glass of Champagne in a gulp. For the final, Mistress Antonella rewards her slave by a wonderful Caviar directly from her body of Goddess on the birthday cake and She gives it to eat to her slave by feeding Caviar and cake.