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Ballbusting Play and Drinking Pee
Ballbusting Play and Drinking Pee

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Mistress Antonella is an amazing policewoman today. She wears a police costum very sexy with police hat, a black short dress, fishnet stockings, black stiletto high heels. Policewoman Antonella ties the hands of her prisoner in his back with handcuffs, then, She makes a branding on his back with an inscription "prisoner of Mistress Antonella" with a felt pen, and with a red lipstick on his belly. Afterwards, Mistress Antonella can begin to play and to torture her prisoner, She put 8 nipple clamps on the nipples of her prisoner, She whips him, She has equiped her prisoner with an electroshock device on his dick & balls, and Mistress Antonella plays with her remote control in order to give to him electroshocks and to take the total control of her prisoner. She makes also a hard ballbusting. After that, She has a pee in a glass of Champagne, She spits in the glass and She gives her Champagne to drink to her prisoner.